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Contract Solicitation & Management

Contract Solicitation & Management

Using our contract management experts and solution , we make sure that all contract processes are under control and  interactions  between the vendor and the purchaser are being managed . This ensures that both parties meet their respective obligations in any procurement relationship.  The aim is to meet the operational, functional and business objectives required by the contract and provide a profitable interaction.

Asia7co contract management process includes:

Managing Service Delivery

To ensure that the products are delivered as and when they are ordered

Managing the Relationship

Communications between the vendor and the purchaser.


Managing the Contract

This is the ongoing contract administration to ensure that the day-to-day procurement activities follow the spirit and sections of the contract.


Seeking Improvements

Improvements within a procurement environment mean greater efficiencies and an increase in profits.


Ongoing Assessment

The entire procurement activities are assessed on a continual basis to ensure that the contracts are adhered to and the purchasing processes followed.


Managing Change

In a long term procurement relationship, there are sometimes changes in activities, requirements or products available. All of these changes need to be noted and handled effectively.

We understand that Procurement contractual relationships are fundamental to the the ability of every company . If deliveries are late the company may be unable to service their customers.

Poor quality products reflect upon the company and their customers may go elsewhere. Problems can be expensive to solve and impact directly upon the success and profits of  company

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